[Harp-L] Lee Oskars v. Marine Bands


I have BluesMasters and SP20's and play them both without noticing much
difference in technique except that the ergonomics of the BM is much better.
The BM is a very smooth feeling harp and feels good in the hands.   IMHO,
the BM is a very, very good beginner, intermediate level harp and usually
requires no tweaking to play at an intermediate level.   My tweaked SP20's
have a raspier, bluesier tone.  They play very well indeed.  I have some
LO's.  They are a bit larger but they are built like tanks and should last
forever. I find them easier for single note play.  Love the MM tuning.  If
starting over, I would have more LO's rather than some of the other harps in
my case.  As a beginner I found the LO's to be stiff and required a lot of
wind but as the harps broke in and I acquired the skills necessary to take
advantage of them, my opinion of the LO's improved greatly.  I also have
what I call a half set of Crossovers and Marine Bands in the most common
keys.  I keep them in my acoustic guitar case and play them occasionally.
But, I don't play them often because (in my experience at least - warning
Hohner purist blasphemy follows) they pull mustache hairs and cut your lips
if you don't watch them carefully.


Bill Kumpe

Tulsa, OK 

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