[Harp-L] lee oskar vs hohner

As a relative newbie, I find these discussions very helpful.  When I first started playing, I didn't have much money, so my harps came one at a time.  I bought a few different ones -- Marine Band, Special 20, and Lee Oskar.  I learned quickly that I was NOT a fan of the Marine Band (just isn't comfortable to me).  I ended up with a few SP20s in the keys I used most often, so I've become accustomed to them.  It wasn't until sometime later that I pulled my Lee Oskar back out and was shocked at how the different overall harp size and the hole sizes made it uncomfortable for me.  Tonally speaking, I do enjoy it but it's just not as comfortable for me to play.

Someone mentioned the Suzuki Bluesmaster...  can anyone offer a size comparison with the Special 20?  Also, any further discussion about the tuning differences would be greatly appreciated.

Scott "No Nickname" Hicks




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