[Harp-L] Old versus Newer Chromonicas

Hello, Arthur.
There are many ways to estimate the vintage of a Hohner Chromonica, 10-hole 
 slide chromatic, but most of them are under the covers.
Parts are interchangeable on the Chromonicas. A new model with old covers  
may pass for an older one. An old comb with new covers might pass for a new  
Without a complete inspection, we might make a guess about the age of the  
Chromonica, by looking at a photo, but it is only a guess.
The oldest (pre-1940) Chromonica covers had rounded cover tabs, where the  
screws hold the covers in place. Also. the pre-1930 covers were "embossed," 
that  is, the printing was raised from the covers. The bottom cover (with 
the hands  around a circle) has a 6-pointed star in the center of the circle 
between the  hands. And, the pre-1930 comb color may be described as "wet 
The newer (post 1940) Chromonicas have square-shaped cover tabs. The covers 
 are "engraved," that is, the printing is cut into the metal. After about 
1937,  the bottom cover had no 6-pointed star in the circle between the hands 
logo. The  color of the comb pre-1937 is described as "marbled," and, after 
1940 the color  is a dark stain.
Happy Holidays
John Broecker

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