[Harp-L] Hohner Chromonica with Richter note placement

Hello, Richard.
The first mass-produced slide chromatic, the Hohner Chromonica, was  
originally a Richter note setup, with leather valves.
It was made with the Richter setup from about 1911 to the mid 1930s. Back  
in those days, it was known as the "Regular Tuning" Chromonica.
After Hohner bought the Koch harmonica company in 1928, the regular  
(Richter) tuning Chromonicas were discontinued, and replaced in the Hohner  
catalogs by the Koch Chromatic.
>From about the early 1930s to the present day, "The Chromonica" is a  
solo-system note placement. 
The solo system note placement on a chromatic harmonica was originally  
called the "Hausler system," named after the General manager of Hohner, New  
York. He initiated using the solo system on the Hohner slide chromatics around 
Happy Holidays
John Broecker

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