Fwd: [Harp-L] lee oskar vs hohner

I believe that musicians simply tend to favor the instrument that  they are 
used to.
My diatonic OF CHOICE is the 12 hole Hohner.. Failing that a ten hole MS  
Hohner with Blues Harp cover plates. (Because it's bigger in size than an 
"HM"  Marine Band or similar)
I have... Simply... Got used to a particular instrument.
I currently use just one Tombo Lee Oskar harp,  It's a Harmonic Minor  
tuned Lee Oskar in the key of "A"
It's an excellent harmonica, and.I've used it, without any re-tuning... For 
 13 years now.
But I (myself) like Hohner MS harps... They are MY favorite 10  hole 
diatonic harmonica.
If I'd equipped my self with Lee Oskar harps, I'd be happy with that  too!
If I'd set my self up with Suzuki harps, I'd be happy with that as well. Or 
 with any other brand.
The WONDERFUL thing is that now in the 21st Centaury... WE HAVE  GOT LOTS 
The harmonicas available today are simply WONDREFUL. They are much better  
than they have EVER been.
When I started to play blues harp, the only choice that I had, to play  
blues harp, back in England was... A 10 hole or a 12 hole Hohner   diatonic 
harmonica. There were no other brands available. . The 10 hole was 5  
shillings, the 12 hole was seven shillings and sixpence... That's 25 Pence, or  for 
the 12 hole, 37.5 Pence. I bought them by the BOX back then, until some  fool 
working for Hohner decided to stop selling me harmonicas wholesale."John  
Walden, in future you must buy your instruments at a music store" GOSH... 
That  put my career back by TEN YEARS! 
I could afford to buy harps wholesale back then... But not "Retail"....  
Back then I blew out 2  or 3 diatonics EVERY NIGHT. Honestly, Hohner builds  
better mouth organs now than they ever did!
Yes... I suppose my technique may have been at fault... But I  still got a 
GREAT SOUND back then.
NO, I'm NOT a Hohner "Endorsee"... Hohner certainly have done nothing  EVER 
to help MY musical career over the years!
I simply think that Hohner make good harmonicas.
Thank GOODNESS for Tombo, Huang, Herring, Swan, Seydall, B-radical,  
Bushman, and the other options that a harmonica player has got today, to  get 
But, for me, despite everything,. Hohner still build most of my  harmonicas.
I prefer Hohner MS diatonic 10 hole harmonicas.
John "Whiteboy" Walden
Cebu City
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On Dec 21, 2010, at 7:55 AM, jim.alciere@xxxxxxxxx  wrote:

> No Jihad, Bob. :) Just love my Lee Oskars.

No  worries.  I used LO's for many years. Great instrument. They last  

>  Happy Holidays

You too. And everyone else  for that matter. 


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