[Harp-L] Position Chart (FREE!)

I made a couple of Circle of Fifths tools some time ago. 
If you will send me an email (so I have your address),
I'll send you the PDF files. You have to print two wheels
on card stock (65 lbs paper), cut them out (in a circle;
that's the hard part), and then fasten them together 
with an eyelet. The first version has minimal info on it.
The second version has a lot more music theory on it,
including chords and the notes in the chords. The larger 
wheel has a diameter of about 3-4".

I keep one of the second version in my harp case, and
can refer to it very quickly when needed. It's flat, which
makes it easy to carry around. After using it for a short 
time, I found that I had actually memorized the contents 
without much effort.

At one time, the files were on the Yahoo! HarpTalk group.
I just looked and can't find the "Files" section. Oh well... 

The suggestions to make your own as a learning experience
is great advice! I certainly learned a lot doing it.

Crazy (enough to make a version using CDs) Bob


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