[Harp-L] Adam Gussow and Me - Two Harmonica Boogie Video

Hi folks,
I just wanna share something special.

Adam Gussow was a guest here in MÃnster, germany. He did a workshop and a concert as a One-Man-Blues-Band. He blows the harmonica, sings like Hell and played the Devil`s drum at the same time.
In this video a dream come true. I Know Adam since 10 years and met him 3 times. To get him to my hometown was a big chance for me.
As a Host of this event I played this Blues song with him. That was so exciting that I forget to breathe. And it was fun, too. What a honor!

Have Fun watching it :-)

Two clips of the same song, two different angles.



Greetings from MÃnster, germany
Mario Hemken
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