[Harp-L] Losing Chris

I will forever miss Chris.

As some who know me, that's quite a revelation. He and I had our, um, detours from civility and rationality. You know, where both are right in their own minds and irritated with what's right in the other's. Eventually, the experience, learning and growth are all that really matter anyway.

I just wish I could share that with him now, again, because oddly, even though time eventually heals many things, I can look back now and glimpse how he envisioned the developing harmonica world. He was often harsh, but right on target. Patience frustrated Chris enormously. He always seemed to want progress to find the shortcut, and if it needed anyone to lead the way, he'd grab the wheel in a heartbeat.

A phone message was left on my birthday, which I didn't pick it up until a day later. Hearing it, I must admit, I delayed reading Harp-L because I couldn't bear to read all the sad outpourings that must surely have been showering the list over the tragic news. So, SO many harmonica players were bound to be devastated by this horrible loss! A monumental influence on the harmonica community was suddenly taken from us, totally without warning.

Chris was one of those players whose playing inspired you to dig deeper or reach higher. No middle ground ... either try or quit. Either choice didn't bother him one iota. On the other hand, he did hate mediocrity. So, try, if you will, but you better get better, or just get out of the way. The one thing you could always tell about Chris was that he was in a hurry to see HARMONICA ART excel.

So, he did.

Of all the personal losses I've known in recent years, aside from Doug, of course ... Ramsey, Primich, Buffalo ... this one has been uniquely upsetting. Chris had so much left to give, because we never knew where he would take us next.

Miss you forever, Chris.


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