[Harp-L] Buddha

Chris Michalek was a true enigma. No one could light a fire at both ends of the love/hate spectrum like Buddha.

Having known him since the early 90's, I've been in his cross hairs for the love and the hate and experienced first hand the effect he had on the community.

Looking back on those years, I see a super talented youngster with a pure drive and accelerated energy that was impatient with this world and it's sluggishness to understand and embrace him. Respect seemed to be what he was most driven to find and sometimes he seemed frustrated when it didn't come soon enough.

If this was a real issue for him, he needn't have had a concern, as is proven by the response from this list - those that knew him and those who only knew of him. A testament to his talent lives on in his recordings and videos. A spiritual being, his essence no doubt is becoming aware of this as he travels to the next plane.

Funny, another poster listed a similar sentiment to one I had - that this was another of his Zen Pranksterisms and that he is going to pop up again sometime/somewhere and have a good laugh with us.

Another gift he left us is that moment of awareness that comes when someone close to us is one day no longer. Perhaps we can all reflect on what is most important and realize that personality clashes amongst the living are really of no monumental value when compared to contributions and a legacy created.

The Iceman

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