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<<I love your down-to-Earth approach, John!  A nice set  of harps that 
doesn't cost the price of a Stradivarius, a set of basic but  very practical 
tools - and a spare set of strings for the guitar man!   You have to be the 
most thoughtful harmonica player on Earth! (though I do  recognise the 
pragmatism there as well... ;-)         >>
It's just that lead/rhythm guitarists break their strings so often!  
Particularly the high "E"... As the harp player, I don't want the gig to be  
spoiled because of a guitarists broken string! 
But carrying a chromatic electronic tuner is purely altruistic.  Nothing 
sounds worse than an out of tune band.
Many years ago, I was playing with my band at London's "100 Club", and our  
bass guitarist broke a string... We all spent the intermission franticly 
going  round the other West End clubs trying to find a bass player with a 
spare  string!
There used to be lots of live music venues back then in central London, and 
 there probably still are.
I am forever grateful that a bass player performing at the "Marquee Club"  
had a spare string!
John "Whiteboy" Walden
Cebu City

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