[Harp-L] Words for Chris Michalek.

I woke up today and instantly saw the news of his passing from a fellow
friend Zhin. I had hoped it was another Chris but alas, it was the Chris we
all knew and learned from. I usually wouldn't say much but knowing Chris
Michalek as I have known him, I feel I must say something just for the sake
of saying some final thoughts about him.

I met him when HarmonicaSpace first started, and we chatted on the chat
rooms on there. Something happened and he did not go on there anymore, then
finally we started speaking and became friends, and he helped me out with my
playing because he saw a true interest inside of me to play. From there I
learned how to play 11th and 12th position, and because of that learned to
play other positions better. He helped with my intonation and general
technique. We also chatted about music, politics, philosophy, religion, and
whatever else you could think of. I had once thought I was diverse
musically, but he opened my eyes to REAL Indian music and even throat

Zhin and I became good friends around this time also because we were both
chatting with him and talking, so we all just talked harmonica and whatever
else there was to talk about. Friendships are not something to take for
granted, and I gained two very good friends when I met Zhin and Chris.

Just yesterday or the day before I posted on his Facebook page asking how he
was doing because I hadn't heard from him in awhile. Of course, that
question will always remain unanswered but that's okay, I know he would have
told me the same thing. He was always busy building harmonicas and training
his dogs. Those were the two things he TRULY loved in this world. He knew
everything there was to know about harmonicas and dogs. One thing that truly
saddens me is the fact that his dogs will be without him. Lots of people
don't think of dogs as important or knowing, but I myself have many of them
and they are very smart, intelligent, loyal, and loving. They essentially
lost a father.

I will miss Chris, as I know many will. It will be very sad knowing he won't
be around to be an unbelievably blunt and truthful counterpart to the
unbelievably nice and caring people in this world and on this forum and the
internet. I will miss his conversations, and I will miss having him around.
I have one of his harmonicas, and I am sad I haven't any others but I will
always have that as a way to remember him (it has a Yin-Yang on it). He was
very nice to make me that one even though I had ordered something different.

I send my condolences to his wife, his family, his friends, his dogs,
everyone who cared about him. I am very happy I got to know him, even though
it was for such a short time. I never got to meet him in person but that
doesn't matter, he was a great man nonetheless. I hope you're doing okay,
Chris. See you on the other side.

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