[Harp-L] Chris Michalek moving on

Wow. I'm stunned. I love this guy! 
A beautiful human being; gentle, wise, candid and  honest...really 
funny...An incredible harmonica player, a brilliant and patient  teacher... 
I've pampered the Golden Melody harp he  tweaked for me a few years ago 
...played it only  rarely. That sounds crazy, but it's such a masterpiece of an 
instrument, and I love it so  much, I wanted to preserve it forever.
I've brought that harp back out today, and will play it every  day. 
Beginning with with Amazing Grace.
I know he makes this transition the way he lived his life ~ in  childlike 
wonder and grace, with a healthy touch of  mischief.
Best of All Blessings,
Jeff G
Denver  CO

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