[Harp-L] Thoughts on doing a concept album...

I am toying with the idea of doing an album of all rearranged covers. For
the most part, it would take fairly known songs and turn them into
harp-driven tunes. For example, I would do a song like Santana's Black Magic
Woman with harmonica as the lead instrument. Other tunes would include
Whippin Post and probably Magic Carpet Ride. I have some contemporary tunes
I am working out too from the last 10-20yrs. I would hire an extremely
awesome backing band.

It would be almost exclusively rock and wouldn't necessarily be a really
jam-based thing. There would be liberal use of effects and harp overdubs.
There would be no blues covers or jazz stuff, but rather classic to
contemporary rock. I will try and include at least a couple of tunes that
feature a different lead vocalist...I *might* feature another harp player or

In order to do this project, I am thinking of submitting a plan to a very,
very reputable website that let's fans pledge money towards recording the
album for gifts in return. I've spend a lot of time checking it out and know
two bands who have used it successfully.

Pledges receive gifts based on the amount they agree to donate, and a lot of
planning goes into submitting and it would have to be accepted.

Also, my plan would be to include a charity in on the action...so a portion
of the pledges would go to funding the project and the other half to the

So, what I am asking from you it this:

1. Do you think I'd have any luck selling the music?
2. What harmonica related charities are out there? (I have a non-harp
charity in mind, but thought it'd be cool to find one)
3.) Any rock songs you'd be dying to hear with harmonica?

If I can line up with the right charity, I think I could get a lot of
support behind the project...my whole objective is to use this album to call
attention to harmonica both within and outside our current community.

If you are more comfortable sharing your thoughts off the site with me, you
can email me.
Mike Fugazzi
Facebook <http://www.facebook.com/MikeFugazziMusic>
VHT Special 6 Amp for Harmonica

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