[Harp-L] RE: Chris Michalek RIP

At Hohner we are shocked and dismayed by this terrible news. Our hearts go out to his wife and family. Chris was clearly a brilliant player, a musical innovator, an exquisite musician, and a masterful technician and customizer. Beyond that, he was a great guy, with a strong personality, and many many friends and admirers. One of my favorite moments from this year's SPAH was Chris's set with the amazing young talents at the kick off jam at the BBQ place. When they did Miles Davis's "All Blues" and each took a solo, each building off the previous player and taking it in a new direction - all lead by Chris's silent direction and encouragement, it was a highpoint. I do have it on video, as well as some of the rest of that set that night. I also tried one of his custom Marine Bands, and was extremely impressed by it. As many have stated, this is a terrible loss.

Andy Garrigue
Harmonica Marketing Manager
Hohner, Inc. USA

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