[Harp-L] Kinder AFB+ Question?

"Just thinking here... so one AC adapter would have to a "+ outer and - center), 
and the other have a "- outer and + center" ?

There  is a "Reverse Polarity Convert" cable for the 1-Spot. Would that work,  
hooking the converter cable to one of the 1-spot plugs along with the  9-volt 
battery clip ?"

If you used the 9V battery clip, you wouldn't need to reverse polarity.  If you 
use 2 X 1-Spot 9 V battery clips, and clip them to the 9V battery clips inside 
the AFB+, then everything should work.    This is basically what Brian Purdy had 
done, but I think he just put the 9V clips on a wall wart.

I kind of like this option because it leaves your AFB+ in "stock" condition 
should you ever decide you want to use batteries again.



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