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Al Wilson was one of the major reasons I started playing harmonica. Late 1960s I was amazed, and still am today how he did his version of tremolo or vibratto or whatever you want to call it. That technique of his I still haven't been able to master.

I wore out those LPs. I think I even used to put a penny on the tone arm to get them to play without skipping.

That reference to tone arms and pennies is probably gobbldygook to many who only know of CDs and Ipods. =8^D

Long Live Analog Music!

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There have been few references to Alan "Blind Owl" Wilson's harp playing in recent postings, so I thought I would take this opportunity to reintroduce his legacy to the forum. While not as much of a household name as Paul Butterfield, Rod Piazza, or other younger players who first came to prominence in the "blues revival" days of the Sixties, Alan was one of the most soulful harp players of this era. In addition to having great tone, a wide vocabulary of licks, and extraordinary arranging ability, he was also an accomplished guitarist and piano player. <snip>

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