[Harp-L] Alan Wilson

Just to chime in here, Alan Wilson is absolutely my favorite harp player of all time, bar none, living or dead. He's not speedy, he's not flashy, he rarely (maybe never) goes up above hole #7 in 2nd position, he doesn't overblow, heck I'm not even sure I've ever heard him do a blow bend! But none of that matters to me. What matters is that his musical ideas are full of beauty, wisdom and impeccable taste. What matters to me is that every single time I listen to one of his recordings, even if I've heard it 10,000 times before (and I have), it never fails to make me feel good and I'd be happy to hear it again, right then, for the 10,001st time.

Now to add a little substance to my tribute - there's been a couple mentions of "Parthenogenosis" from the "Living the Blues" lp, and specifically the "Five Owls" section. I must have listened to "Five Owls" 10,000 times and tried to play it myself almost as many times, before I realized that's another tune where he uses the "Blind Owl" altered tuning with the raised draw 6 - the same altered tuning he used for "On the Road Again". He doesn't really draw attention to it until near the end of the song when one of the overdubbed harps wails on it. Check it out!

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