[Harp-L] Time to say Good Bye(Andre Bocelli-Sarah Brightman) harmonica tab

Thanks to Vern for Wikifonia. I found it useful to transpose it from G to C without sharp by just clicking. I can play it on C diatonic easy.  It is my favorite and I  have DVD of Bocelli and S. Brightman duet, Chris Botti playing Trumpet in Boston in DVD-CD.  REcently 10 yr old Jackie Evancho(America Got Talents) recorded in Xmas album CD_CVD.  I was seeking it in harmonica version and I found none.  I asked Christelle Berthon several times on the You- tube review section to record the piece a year ago but it was ignored.  I am hoping any one on the Harp-L to record it on You-tube for my Xmas present.  I bought  the sheet music in 7 pages with piano, vocal, guitar by Hal-Leonard Corp.  It is complete and useful for learning.     Ken Ga  
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