[Harp-L] Boss RC-2 Looper for sale

Hi all,

I'm listing my Boss RC-2 Looper on eBay soon, thought I'd offer it to this list in the meantime.  You can read up on the specs, user reviews, etc. here:


The price for this piece new is almost $190. This particular piece has been lightly used--it has a few scratches, and otherwise functions perfectly.  It comes with original box, manual, and power supply. I bought a looper with more features and functions (and a higher price tag), so I'm selling this one. 

I'm offering this piece for $110.00 US plus shipping and handling, which should be less than $10 unless you want the piece guaranteed to be delivered by Christmas.

Contact me offlist if you're interested.  

Regards and happy holidays, Richard Hunter

author, "Jazz Harp" 
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