[Harp-L] Kinder AFB+ Questions

David Brown, I love my Kinder AFB+, and I hate using batteries also! 

I change the battery in my digital delay about 3 or 4 times as often as my AFB+.   I check all batteries before each perf., and switchout if any are weak.   the Kinder is not a thirsty device.  I'm guessing 30-60 hours per pair of batteries.   But then I also unplug the cables (from both sides) even during band breaks.  

I recall reading/hearing John Kinder and at a separate time Jason Ricci go into a rather technical explanation why it's a problem to power both sides of the Kinder with one power source, let alone wall power. (For me, "rather technical" is low threshold!)  

I'd love to stop messing with batteries and yet I'm protective of my magical Kinder!

Anyone have practical experience at having put wallpower into the AFBs?

My visit to Voodoo revealed no "power block" per se, but the Power 2 Plus power supply, the Voodoo Lab Pedal power AC, and the Voodoo lab Pedal Power ISO 5.   I'd guess the Isolation feture of the ISO5 may be the thing, but I dunno!

Any guidance?

Dave "know nuttink" Fertig

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This is the rig I use to play directly through a PA.:
 I usually play a Shure CR41 buullet with a black CR mic (although the AFB+
allows me use ANY mic I want).
I have a six pedal set-up with the first pedal in the chain being the AFB+.
Then I have a Boss EQ, A BBE 2 TImer delay, a Boss Chorus plus*, a Boss
digital reverb*, and a Lone Wolf Harp Attack.

(*these two are only used for a song or two but are usually off.)

-FIrst off, I must mention that I HATE USING BATTERIES! They always seem to
die during gigs.

- Second, I'll mention that I disconnect both jacks on the AFB+ when not in
use. I don't know if only disconnecting the input, and leaving in the
output, affects battery life.

- The first time the batteries went out on the AFB+ I got weird indications
that they were dying. I got signal cut-out, which I thought was a broken
cable, so I unplugged them all one at a time to hunt for the one that was
malfunctioning. I eventually figured out it was the AFB+. The blue light
still worked fine during all this, so the batteries were never completely
dead. I don't know exactly how long the batteries lasted but I played quite
a few gigs before they died. Upon reflection I remembered that I had
feedback problems just before the uniit began to fail (the "cut-outs" which
I misinterpretteed as a cable failure).

In my opinion, the AFB+ is absolutely an essential piece of gear. I am
awaiting my second one to arrive next week (a back-up, not a replacement). I
have a Voodoo Lab Power block and I am purchasing (2) battery connectors to
run the battery leads from the AFB* into two *SEPERATE* 9V power outputs of
the Voodoo Lab, thereby elminating the need for batteries. I HATE USING

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