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how about these

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>>> Harri Haka <harri.haka@xxxxxxxxx> 11/21/2010 3:37 AM >>>
I have wondered, regardless of genre, why there are so few female 
harmonica artists around. Is it because women have less breathing 
ability than men? Or is it just a tradition that the ladies sing and do 
other instruments? I know there are talented harmonica women but they 
are a minority. For comparison, there are many ladies who play guitar 
that have achieved worldwide respect. But as to harmonica, not many come 
to mind. In my opinion, it would add value to a talented vocalist's 
repertoire, if she played harp on some tunes. Needs practice, of course. 
But I believe that if women can jump pole vault and play ice hockey, 
they should be able to play the harp too.

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