[Harp-L] vocal mics

Richard Hunter wrote (words to the effect) bullet mics suck thru the P.A. (sorry for paraphrasing, Richard). I don't disagree with your point, however I'd like to hear your insight as to why. Is it something inherent in the design, elements, etc? Also, are you talking of playing mic-DI box-P.A., or mic thru the RP's w/your patch sets, or mic-effects pedals-P.A., or any and all of the above? If memory (huh?) serves me right, your mic of choice is the Fireball V, similar to an SM 58 w/slightly diff frequency response? Please understand, I'm not stakeing out a position here. Altho I've played thru the P.A in the past (both w/bullet and vocal mic and varying devises, including a harp commander) I've kinda found a niche for me, which is blues/rock thru a bullet w/few effects to a mic'ed amp--it's just about information--I listen to EVERY audio link posted here, whatever the genre, and am certainly not above stealing (or trying to steal) licks from any of it!!! Best!


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