RE: [Harp-L] Caring for a new Chromatic?

> I just got a beautiful new Super Chromonica and I want to make sure I'm
> breaking it in right - any suggestions for proper care and treatment?
> Also, I've noticed that the 1-draw is buzzing slightly - is that common? Can
> I expect it to work itself out, or is there anything I should do to check it
> out or address the problem?
> Thanks!
> Sean

Get it nice and warm before you play it. I stuff mine into a little pouch with one of those gel handwarmers for 10 or 15 minutes. They are dirt cheap and mightily effective. Down the front of the trousers for a similar period also works well. I've found that all the chroms I've ever bought (about five in total) have slight valve issues (sticking open or buzzing) when played stone cold. If it works once warmed up you're laughing. If not, there's many a valve expert hereabouts who'll pitch in!  		 	   		  

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