Re: [Harp-L] ART Tube MP.

Good, your requirements were 700 ma at 9 V ac, and your adapter is 1300 ma at 9 V ac. So I see no ac/dc conflict.

On Dec 13, 2010, at 10:19 PM, hazcon wrote:

First off a big Tom Hanks for the quick the end i thought bugger it ,whats 125$ (NZ) between friends,this is a new TOY an' i wants to play with it ;-)
Plugged it up ...stood back from it as far as i could and switched it on at the wall socket...BANG!
Just kidding ,no hum .no smoke just a little green light saying play some Harp.
in NZ

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HI all
Have just received this unit by courier and upon opening the box found that there is no AC adapter in there!Just the unit itself.
The specs say:
Power requirements:9 volts A.C@ 700ma(typ)

I have a digitech adapter whose specs are:
9 VAC, 1.3A
Can I use this with the ART?
Or failing that ,is it relatively easy to buy a universal one at an electronics store?
I bought it new over the net from a local dealer but he has turned out to be a real plonker...took 6 weeks to get to me.As i want to use the unit pretty soon i'd rather avoid dealing with him again and just use what i've got (the Digitech adaptor)or buy something suitable.

Rick in NZ

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