[Harp-L] Re: Big Time Rock Band Harp

"I have to assume thier sound staff is charged with moving the slider down
on thier vocal channel when they cup thier vocal mic. I have seen Jagger and
Plant use thier vocal mics cupped and sounded halfway decent without blowing
out the venue."

That used to be one of my various duties when I was road managing Love with
Arthur Lee in the 90's.   As a harp player myself I knew the ear piercing
potential of Arthur's harp solo on "Signed D.C." when he cupped his vocal
mike.   But on those occasions when I was able to man the sound board it
could sound a whole lot better with the volume brought down at the
appropriate moment.   Arthur's harmonica style was unschooled to put it
charitably, but man, on a good night, with  good balance, he could really
generate a great reaction from the crowd.   Just goes to show its not all
about technique.   Emotion, charisma, showmanship and a great sense of
rhythm can really move an audience even if you're not the most skilled

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