[Harp-L] thanks for the warm welcome!

I have been aware of this forum for quite awhile but could never figure out how to get on it.  Today I did and received a bunch of nice welcome emails from people I knew from the past and new folks.  It felt wonderful to connect with fellow harp players once again.   I kind of live in a musical vacum nowadays I think because of the way I do music.   LIve gigs have pretty much disapeared since I have stopped trying to convince the music world that a guy can make up the words and music as he goes along.  I had a great run doing it full time but it almost killed me.   I think divine intervention stepped in and pulled me out.  I built a recording studio on our property in California and now Ohio and for the past 8 years or so I  have been recording about 300 cds a year.   I am teaching myself how to make recordings and  go in my studio 30-50 hours a week, sit down, and record.  It is like I am in a club again.  The whole scene comes
 alive with a great sound system and audience.   The songs channel through me.  I share them everyday with the world with no adgenda except to hopefully connect in a positive way with people of the world.   Here are todays songs.   They feature solo harp,  my 1 man band rig- playing bass lines on the keyboard with my right hand, the harp in my left and my feet working the drums, as well as my more normal set up- harp on a rack, guitar, drums on my feet.  The inspiration I got today from all the emails made me pick up the marine band and let it roll.    Thanks!  Walter 
here is a link to the songs

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