[Harp-L] Phil Wiggins on Dan Crary's xmas CD

  Here is a link to enable u to listen to and/or buy the entire album of Dan Crary's xmas CD from 1997.  It plays from one song to the next automatically, so if u want u can have it on in the background as u go about your business.  http://soundcloud.com/sugar-hill-records/sets/dan-crary-holiday-guitar
   Phil Wiggins plays on 2 of the songs and his solo on one song in particular is killer - track 7, Christmas Blues a' Coming.  Personnel: Dan Crary--guitar; Beppe Gambetta--guitar; Radim            Zenkl--mando-ukulele; John Cephas--guitar and vocal; Phil            Wiggins--harmonica; Kay Jaffe--gemshorn, medieval harp, renaissance            harp, drum; Michael Jaffe--lute; Billy Oskay--violin 
    Ron in the chilly FL Keys (65 degrees, brrr)

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