[Harp-L] same old

That comparison was done already , word for word. What happens in the real  
world with sound clips versus a single player doing a sound clip is that is 
 what is needed to get the sound to project into a real situation is the 
full  spectrum of sound, which means mids, highs and lows, without having to 
push  buttons. Making false claims that I seek out endorsers and give them my 
amps is  false, they contact me because they want to play the amp, and my 
endorsement  policy is only known to the player and myself, so how can you 
state what you do  as if it were fact. Getting the amp heard through the band 
and into the audience  requires a full spectrum of sound, as the highs will 
get filtered out by the  band as well as the audience. I have 220 customers 
who state the Cruncher is  exactly what they were looking for. Some want 
even more of what they have which  is why I am making my next move. To pull out 
an old blog and make the same false  statements about my endorsement policy 
is just getting old. Christian Dozzier  contacted me after playing a 
Cruncher, and we both work together to come up with  a plan that works for them 
and me. If Charlie or Mark or any of my customers  were not happy with the 
tone of the amp there would not be so many positive  reviews. I have been in 
enough bands and worked with enough pros to know what  happens to amps that 
only focus on the bass or bottom end. We certainly have it,  and Cruncher 
owners that want to speak up, I have work to do. 

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