[Harp-L] Question from a rank beginner


You know, there was a Lee Sankey instructional vid posted on MBH a while ago that made a very useful point. Lee can get a little long winded, but his essential point was that when you blow through a harmonica to play it, don't blow a tight stream of air like you are blowing out a candle, but, instead, blow a large unfocused column of air like you are fogging glass. One should draw the same way. Pretty good advice, i think. The fogging glass analogy is something i wouldn't have thought of.

Tony Eyers' link talks about using a deep embouchure and AS LARGE AN AIR APERTURE (lip opening) AS POSSIBLE consistent with getting a single note. This is very important. And, of course creating all air movement from the diaphragm.

If a beginning player were to combine Lee Sankey's advice with Tony's, that player would probably do much better on the 2 and 3 hole draws.


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