[Harp-L] For Sale Harpgear HG 50 Like New Mint Condition NOW $ 1, 150.

For Sale  Harpgear HG 50 Like New !!  NOW $ 1,150.   

I have way too many amps !!  My loss is your gain !! 

Must sell ASAP  !! 

Here's your chance to own a  slightly used Like New AMP in Mint Condition  !!  
I play more guitar then harp and just bought a 63 fender concert amp that I can use for both harp and guitar so this Harp amp needs to go to a new home  !

Price reduced to 1,150 .  !!! 

Please contact me off Harp L 
Thanks Todd 

>From the The HarpGear site 

The HarpGear 50 is HarpGear's next step in building a full sized amp which achieves 50W using a fixed bias 6L6 setup.  This is the amp that Jason Ricci has recently endorsed and now uses exclusively on the road.  This amp is setup specifically for harmonica and uses all of our standard harp amp modifications we have become known for.  This amp was designed to add flexibility to our amp line and allow you to play in any size venue with the confidence of knowing you won't need to mic the amp or connect the line out to the sound board.  The standard HarpGear 50 uses two Weber 10A125 custom alnico speakers and two Jensen Special Design P10R alnico speakers with one 12AX7 and one 12AX7WC preamp tube 2- 6L6 power tubes and 1-5AR4 rectifier tube.   The amp has three adjustable tone controls being Bass, Middle and Treble.  This amp  has an oversized custom wound output transformer like the other amps and even more great bass to really accentuate those low notes while you're playing.  The tube configuration for this amp is as follows:(1)5AR4  (2) 6L6 power tubes (1) 12AX7WC (1) 12AX7 preamp tube.  This amp is 23"H X 24"W x 10.5"D and weighs 45 lbs.  This amp will generate 50 watts of power which comes across very loud.  

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