[Harp-L] Blues harmonica Blowout series


Above I put a link to the Mark Hummel's Blues Harmonica Blowout series.  Click on the Calendar.

I noticed he is not just playing a few local ( but classy) clubs with some of the greatest Harmonica players.

I go to one of his shows every year and the format is one where each guys gets to show his stuff.

Mark never lets his ego get in the way ( which is more than I can say for myself...).

This would be worth checking out if he brings it any where near your town...

I don't work for Mark ...or anything like that so I will let you check his site to see who is playing...

Always a top notch crew...Rod and Jerry and Carlos and . Just ........and...and.....

He seems to be playing all over the country...Very cool.

Have a great one..

Grant Walters

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