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Gary gives us Avenger owners both the copper plug in and the tube rectifier.

I was amazed at the subtle yet noticeable underlining difference between the two. The Avenger came with the Copper installed.

I tried that for a few days then tried the tube rectifier. I switched back to the copper because I could get cleaner separation of the eq's.

I think the noticeable difference to my ears is the cooper tube tends to keep the eq's separated more whereas the glass tube tends to allow some bottom to bleed into the mids and highs almost acting
like a filter. I guess it didn't matter much when the bass, treble and mids were controlled by one knob on vintage amps.
Now that separating the tone controls are the norm adding the tube rectifier can allow you to dial in more like a single tone knob where there is always some
bottom or "warmth" in the mix.


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Rick- I think the discussion has been- sonic difference between a tube rectifier and the Weber Copper Cap rectifier intended to emulate that particular tube rectifier. I was hoping for a demonstration of the sonic difference you noted between these devices. This is a separate question from a comparison between a tube rectifier and a solid state rectifier that has no emulation of tube characteristics- I agree this difference is easily heard.


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Jim, are you suggesting there are NO sonic differences between a solid state
rectifier and a tube rectifier? If so, that is rather astounding.

The differeces are well-known. As Gary Onofrio said, the copper plug-in
solid state rectifier makes an amp seem slightly louder and more crisp, and
that is exactly what I hear with these rectos. The problem is, crisp is the
opposite of sag, and the tone we were looking for in the Mission Chicago
32-20 amp was an authentic vintage warmth.

We nailed it. The amp sounds great. I invite you to listen to the sound
samples at the Mission Harp Amp website: www.missionharpamps.com.

-Rick Davis
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