[Harp-L] Question from a rank beginner

So I'm a beginner beginner. 

I have a Marine Band D harmonica and a book by a guy named Marcos as instruction. 

He has us going up and down the harmonica blowing and drawing. 

Everything is very easy thus far, except... 

When I try to draw on holes 2 and 3, I get this very dull sound, almost as if the air is partially blocked or the reeds aren't vibrating. 

I tried the same thing on a few other harps I had laying around and got the same result. 

This struck me as odd because all the other holes worked so easily. Why should those two be a problem? 

I wrote to a more experienced person who said that these two holes are a problem when drawing. And he suggested I write to this list to ask for suggestions for overcoming this problem. 

Nowhere in Marcos's book does he ever hint that these holes might be a problem, and yet they react VERY differently from all the others. 

Any thoughts or suggestions would be very welcome. 

Also self-study programs people like would be much appreciated. Just keep in mind I'm a rank beginner. 

Peter Schwartz 

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