Re: [Harp-L] Fender Blues Junior - Tube Substitutions For Harp

This is the exact set that I use in my BJ amp, and they sound wonderful. 
JJ Tubes are pretty high quality (formerly Tesla). 

Of course, if you combine those tube swaps with a new Webber 12A100 (P12R) 
speaker, then your BJ will really be transformed into quite the tone machine.

Harpin' in Colorado,
--Ken M.

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Subject: [Harp-L] Fender Blues Junior - Tube Substitutions For Harp


It's not listed on their website, but Eurotubes sells a set of JJ preamp tubes 
to voice the BJ for harp.  The configuration is: ECC81 (12AT7) in VI - ECC 83S 
(12AX7) in V2 - ECC 832 (12DW7) in V3.



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