[Harp-L] copper can

Due to our circuit and speaker configurations we found the copper can to  
work as well as a tube rectifier. All Sonny Jr owners who own Avengers and  
Crunchers let us know how the feel is of the amp... Go to webervst.com  and  
read what they say about them. They also state they will last a lifetime. My 
 Super Cruncher is finished, which will have a tube rectifier. After 20 
years I  do the testing and go with what sounds best. From all the reviews I 
have  received the customers are happy to have a true harp player who is a  
perfectionist and has extremely good ears for tone making the final decision.  
Call about the Super Cruncher, we will have sound bites up that will be on 
you  tube also. 

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