[Harp-L] A Story and A Song


Several years back Roo, rhythm/lead guitar player, and I were playing with Matt Trowbridge who was just getting back into playing after a hiatus from the music scene for family. Matt had lived in Europe in the early 1970's playing guitar and singing for a living. One of his original numbers is called Amsterdam Lights which he shared with us. I always found it a pretty tough nut to crack performance wise. Matt died two years back. Roo and I made it a weekly ritual to try that song. Then this year my son gets a call from his Dutch publisher with an offer for a tour of the Netherlands. Man I tell him, we'll have to share Amsterdam Lights with you. So the night my son is flying to Europe Roo and I tried to lay down Amsterdam Lights on the Zoom H4 recorder. We did. Then I sent the song to my son via e-mail. When he got to his hotel room he opened up the laptop, downloaded and played it. Later in the week he shared the song with a photographer who was very interested in any kind of American music. I think this fellow put the song up on Blip. So the song which started in Amsterdam with Matt Trowbridge has circled back. Take a listen at Broadjam if you care too. Take it and use it if you like it. Like I said, I always struggled with this song and this is about as good as I ever played it. Maybe you can use it; it's pretty cool in its own way.

Merry Christmas early,


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