[Harp-L] RE: Roland Mobile Cube - Vox Mini 3

I just purchased a Vox Mini 3.  I seriously considered the Mobile Cube but
really couldn't justify the extra seventy bucks.  I also really liked the
tone of the Vox.  It is actually pretty thick for a battery amp.  I use this
amp for practice and very small rooms.  I do guitar and vocal and harp.
It's a compromise on all points but the range of controls gives you enough
to work with.  It is not a loud amp.  But, it should work fine for small
rooms and I intend to experiment with it as a personal monitor working
through a PA.  I haven't used it enough yet to do a full review and probably
won't until after Christmas but from the initial impressions tone is good
for its size, controls are adequate and volume output sounds like what it
says it is . 3 watts . no more.  But, one sorely missed feature is the
ability to mount it on a mic stand like the Roland.


Bill Kumpe

Tulsa, OK

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