[Harp-L] 4X8 Tweed Maestro Pics..Finally

If you can't see the pictures in this email, click here to see it in a web

Finally got around to taking the pics.
As you can see everything except the 22uF filter caps in this amp are
completely original...even the power cord.  The speakers do not have any
tears or marks at all and Baby! do these things break up.

Tubes are as follows:  RCA 5Y3GT, RCA 2-6V6GT, PI- Sovtek 7025/12AX7WA,
Sylvannia 6SQ7, 2-5879's.   It was my mistake on an earlier post that one of
the 5879's was bad, however, this is not the case.   Channel 1 works quite
nasty, but channel 2 doesn't work with channel 2's volume control.  I see
I'll have to look into that or the price will be reduced.
Tremolo doesn't work like all the rest of em'.

Looking at the back:
speakers.....left side are both 220907  and  the right are both 220908
PT# GA-10P   166917
OT# GA-45-0
Can't see the choke's #
Amp's serial # is 56641
Well, now that I'm reminded Channel 2 is down I'll have to do something
about that because I do wanna get a the correct $ return in
this investment.

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