Re: [Harp-L] NHC: New Tom Ball Xmas video on YouTube


Terrific playing, as always! What kind of chrom you using there?
(I like the transition to diatonic at the end, too.) Beautiful.

Happy / Merry,

That was Beautiful Tom, Thank You for sharing it.....Happy Holidays

Here is one back atch' ya' but my pix ain't as COOL as yers!!!,-):

Rob Paparozzi

On 12/7/10 9:09 PM, "Tom Ball" <havaball@xxxxxxx> wrote:

 Just wanted to mention I've just posted a new video on YouTube -- a
 Christmas hymn called "Day By Day."

 Warning - no harp content on this one - but hoping you might enjoy it
 just the same.

Verry Happy / Merry to all!

> Tom Ball

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