[Harp-L] Greer Ghetto Stomp; any other pedal suggestions?

Well I finally took Bill Barrett's poisonal endorsement (just love to
name drop, I admit) and coughed up the cash for a Greer Ghetto Stomp
overdrive pedal. Just started playing w/ it a bit, and so far it's just
a little dirtier then the Lone Wolf Harp Break overdrive. I like them
both. The Greer does seem to have a bit more depth (or whatever you
wanna call it) when used w/ the Two Timer delay. Playing either one w/
the POG Micro makes for one real big church organ sound, lots of bottom,
lots of vibration. Feedback (so far) has not been an issue. Paid exactly
the same price for each one: $142. (Bet there's someone out there who
paid less for one or the other. Oh well.) Got room on the board for one
more pedal. Any suggestions?

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