Re: [Harp-L] Harmonica speed compared to other instruments

Boris Plotnikov writes:
Check C-thru piano BTW.
10 fingers, button accordion layout.

Boris, I'm pretty sure that when you saw that hexagonal "C-thru" MIDI keyboard layout you thought the same thing as I did. If there are MIDI synths with decent harmonica voicings (I don't know if such things exist) one could make a 49-key electronic Harmonetta. They even call that Axis C-thru 49 product an "Harmonic Table Keyboard." I found a very detailed and interesting review of the device here:

Now that electronic Harmonetta idea is probably completely wrong-headed to a person like Michael Rubin who is no doubt burning a lot of midnight oil working out with his ~real~ Harmonetta these days, but it would be at very least an interesting experiment. And dare I say it, easier to play? It does carry a heavy price tag, though... ($439)

Thanks for the mind tweak, Boris.


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