[Harp-L] Etruscan Soul

Thank You all for your support of my CD 'Etruscan Soul' and I'm Thrilled some bands are now covereing MY covers,-) Like 'Ticket to Ride' & 'Strange Brew' out on their gigs! They are Fun Tunes to play on harp and if you'd like a free Mp3 of the 'Music Minus Harp' Version just send me a note OFF LIST.

Blues Revue's last Nov/Dec issue gave me a really nice review and I'm very thankfull about how my record has been recieved this past year.

Now for my shameless plug!,-)

Blues Revue is having a 'Band Contest' and offering a $1000 ad for their NEXT issue...
My CD is list among MANY bands in the drop down, so if you've had a chance to hear my CD and think it's worth the Vote, it will certainly be appreciated. Here is the Link.


Happy Holidays and all the Best, Rob Paparozzi

Rob's 'Christmas Song'

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