[Harp-L] 4X8 Gibson Maestro 4 Sale

Hi All.

I've been contemplating this for some time and I think now is the time.
Could use the money for new mic projects and I want to rebuild a Tweed
Harvard for my girlfriend's son for XMAS and this will help.  He's a 19 yr
old dedicated multi-instrumentalist.

This is an all original Gibson Maestro that was made famous by Little
Walter, and for good reason because this is one good sounding harp amp.
The Jensen's are all good working originals....NO recones done here.
It has New Old Stock RCA 6V6's and all pre-amp tubes are vintage.  The
5879's appear to be stock, however, one is very weak and I will replace them
both with new high quality ones from The Tube Store.  PI is replaced with
NOS already.

Amp numbers, speaker codes, pictures  etc available upon request.
Those interested contact me off line.



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