[Harp-L] The Real Blues Book for C instruments due soon

If you've often reached a place where you can't decide what to play --
wether its at a gig or during an emergency woodshed session, there's
nothing like a fakebook to offer you a few clues.

The Real Blues Book is scheduled to be released Dec. 31 with about 300 blues
tunes ($34 list, $23 street price) in the lead sheet format of chord names and melody notes. Some places are taking advance orders.

The Real Book series (as does the fake book concept) provides the best bang for the buck when it comes to buying tunes.

Often times, when you can't figure out a tune from your memory or a recording, a lead sheet of the tune will give you the information you need.

The only downside to the Real Books is they lack lyrics (unless you buy the vocal line). But if you're halfway serious about the blues, you know most of the blues lyrics anyway, so that's no problem.

The Real Rock Book 200 songs ($29 list, $19 street) came out earlier this year.

Hope this helps.

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