Re: [Harp-L] Phil Wiggins & Corey Harris

John Kerkhoven writes:<solo_danswer@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Thanks for the heads-up, Michelle, on Wiggins and Harris.

There's Madcat and Kane, of course. Steve Baker posted some stuff about a year ago that I really liked.

Oh the horror! How could I have forgotten Madcat & Kane? I hope he wasn't looking... :-(

Also doing my part by getting a duo off the ground. We throw in some Chicago Blues for good measure, but there's a good dose of Robert Johnson, plus tunes by Blind Willie Johnson, Skip James, Rev. Gary Davis, a couple that Doc Watson did....

We've still got a lot to learn, and dues to pay.... Just played our second gig last weekend. But we're having fun.



Thanks, John for filling in for my absentee brain vis., Madcat & Kane. (Sheeeesh!)

Also Thanks for filling me in on your new duo. Please let us know when you have a CD or web site.


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