Re: [Harp-L] Phil Wiggins & Corey Harris

Phil Wiggins just posted this review of his duet act with Corey Harris on his Facebook page:

I'm just tickled to death knowing that one of my harp heroes has found a suitable partner. Phil Wiggins is just one sweet gentleman, and as a harp player he is up in the stratosphere as anyone who has ever heard him play is well aware. A humble man and great and generous teacher, my heart was doubly broken for him last March when his long-time partner, John Cephas, left this world. Phil lost both a constant companion and long-time partner as well as one of the last living proponents of the alternating thumb-base fingerpicking style of the Piedmont region (we also recently lost Archie Edwards). John was a beautiful person in his own right, also a great and generous teacher, and totally dedicated to the Piedmont blues heritage. I was incredibly fortunate to meet and spend time with both of them and to study under Phil at the sadly now defunct Telluride Acoustic Blues Camp a few years back.

Now Phil has teamed up with the terrific Corey Harris (whom I also met through that Telluride Acoustic Blues Camp). From the content of that review, they are well on their way to establishing some momentum for the act to last into the future. And that makes me very happy. Not only do I know that Phil has found a viable outlet to display his extraordinary skills, but the numbers of new acoustic blues duo acts are multiplying. I know of four out there touring now: Wiggins & Harris, Dermody & Bibb, Filisko & Noden and Ball & Sultan. That means that four of my most "favoretest" harp playing personalities are out spreading the joy of classic acoustic blues harmonica music with four equally gifted singer/guitar players. I wish I could catch each and every performance!

I recall another list member achieving some successes with an acoustic guitar playing partner, but I can't for the life of me recall who it was (I'm sure there's more than one, too). Can y'all help me remember? Also if there are other acoustic blues duos out there I'd surely like to know about them -- I do dearly love that genre! I know I'm just ignorant or short-sighted not being able to list any European duos. There are many great European acoustic harpers that I know of but I'm unaware of whether they play regularly in duos ore not: Greg Zlap, Steve Baker, Lee Sankey, Ben Hewett, Ben Bouman. I know that all y'all Harp-L'ers can educate me! :-)


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