[Harp-L] Foam inserts for harp cases?

I kind of remember seeing this spoken of around here before.

*Long version:*

I have a homemade harp case. It's developed a wonderful patina over the
years, special stickers and all, and once was my grandmother's makeup case.
In short, I don't want to scrap it.

However, about a decade ago, I used some scrap rug underpadding, a pair of
scissors, a number of layers, and some Elmer's glue to make  snuggie
chambers for my harps and  a padded open area on the other side for mics,
etc. Voila. Custom harp case by me.

Trouble is, apart from being really ugly and amateurish-looking, after ten
years, the foam is starting to break down, crumble, and get in my harps.
This is no good.

*Short version:* is it possible to buy harp-friendly foam inserts? If so,
where, how? Cheap?!?!? I'm out of rug under-padding.

Thanks in advance!

 - Blake

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