Re: [Harp-L] Custom Harp Cases

My Daughter got me a Hal Iwan Custom Harp Case two yrs ago for Christmas.

This case is nothing short of amazing and THE most durable and lightweight case I have ever had for my Harps.

I value my Harps as they range in Prices and I sure to schlep and lug them all round this world,-)

Hal is sincere about his work and plays harp too and will customize to your needs.

Thanx Hal & Happy Holidays to You!,
Rob Paparozzi

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Hello all

A friendly reminder for those who may be on the fence about getting a custom harp case in time for Xmas. There is only a week left to place an order to have a shot at a completed case with your custom foam layout and choice of covering. Why carry around a black box maraca/shaker -- say no to the rattle box !! The idea is to protect your $180 Harrison harmonicas and your $300 crystal bullet mic and if you want, you can do it in style as well.

Off list please and happy holidays to all.


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