[Harp-L] Son of Dave

Never heard a mention of this one man, beat-boxing harmonica looper here on the forum, but he's very unique and quite impressive to me. Benjamin Darvill is his given name, and he was in the band Crash Test Dummies until turning solo in 2000. Having just bought a Boss loop station for fun, I ran across SoD on Youtube while searching on looping and harmonica - he has a few vids up there that showcase his multiple talents. I love his licks on harp, his utilization of looping, octaves, beat boxing grooves and keeping it all interesting. 

Then I got his CD "Son of Dave- 03" and Wow . What a great album! Lots of cool harp,(uses low-keyed harps alot) awesome beats, studio effects, has a cool hip hop very layered feel to it and I can't stop listening to it. Anyone know about this guy? He uses harmonica liberally, but I wouldn't call this a harp-centric CD - just tasty and innovative, with a few comedic studio intakes that are pretty funny. Haven't felt this excited about an album in a while. 

I think he lives in UK now - has a few more CDs out and tours alot. Check him out: 


www.cdbaby.com search Son of Dave 

Youtube Videos at: 


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