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The Golden Melody and the Crossover use the same reeds, so the things that are different about them - the architecture, as you put it - are the things that make a difference in sound and response. 

While wood combs are avalable for Golden Melody harps (Chris Reynlods, Earl the Pearl, Dick Sjoberg ?Joe Spiers?)I suspect that comb material may not be an important factor here - I'd go with cover shape as the main difference. The low cover height, closed sides and closed back may have an effect different from the high, open-backed and side-slotted Crossover covers. 

If they'll fit, even if just held in place with finger pressure, try putting the Crossover covers on a Golden melody and see if it changes the sound.


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I decided to invest in a Hohner Crossover and discovered that its quality,
timbre and air-tightness are remarkable. (Its comb is bamboo.) But I prefer
the architecture of the Golden Melody or Seydel Blues Special. Can anyone
recommend a harp that plays like the Crossover (for about the same
price--$60) but with the shape of a Golden Melody or Seydel Blues Special?
(Most of my harps are currently Golden Melodies). Any suggestions would be



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